The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami devastated people in many countries in Southeast Asia. Among the affected countries was Sri Lanka, where many schools were damaged and children had lost their access to quality education.

In 2005, the Foundation established a Tsunami Relief Fund, donating materials for the renovation of facilities at the Rohana Maha Vidyalaya School in Ahangama, which enrolled 700 students from the area. With the Foundation’s help, the school established a new assembly hall, a science room and games room, reviving the students’ educational experience. The Foundation also sponsored a library and reading programme at the Amunagoda School.

The Foundation also used the Tsunami Relief Fund towards improving the Mahamodara Teaching Hospital in Galle, a facility that typically served more than 23,000 pregnant women each year. The funds were used towards the construction of sheltered waiting areas, providing a much more comfortable experience for more than 140,000 outpatients and their family members. Today, the hospital handles more than 11,000 obstetric deliveries each year, and is also a hotbed for the next generation of medical doctors.