Esquel Group established the Esquel-Y.L. Yang Education Foundation in 2003 and launched its charitable programs first in the rural areas of Xinjiang, China. Over the years, the Foundation has expanded its programmes to encourage environmental protection and promote education for the underprivileged in Gaoming and Guilin, as well as Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Through our activities, the Foundation hopes to help children in rural communities gain better access to education and tools that enrich or facilitate their learning, to enhance opportunities in these children’s lives and encourage them to become good, responsible citizens in in their communities.  

Our Mission

The mission of the Esquel- Y.L. Yang Education Foundation is “To Encourage the Spirit of Learning” as knowledge can bring vitality to life and change destiny. The Foundation hopes to support and promote an effective and continuous learning opportunity so that children may grow to become responsible and successful members of their communities.


1995 Donation to water and electricity engineering projects, orphanages, elderly homes and sports equipment in schools in rural Xinjiang
1997 Donation of clothing to earthquake stricken areas in Xinjiang
1997 School refurbishment in rural Xinjiang
2002 Library books donation to schools in rural Xinjiang
2003 Primary school students sponsorship in rural Xinjiang
2003 Inaugural Gobi March in Xinjiang
2004 Sponsorship of high school students in Urumqi to study university at various universities in China
2004 Launch of Xinjiang EcoMobile
2005 Tsunami Relief efforts in Sri Lanka
2005 Aids Families Sponsorship program in Xinjiang
2007 Xinjiang Hongzhi Students program
2007 Xinjiang Summer Camp
2008 Earthquake Relief efforts in Sichuan, China
2009 Gaoming Summer English Teaching Programme
2009 Gaoming Hongzhi Students Programme
2010 Lego/Scratch teachers and students training in Xinjiang
2010 Novartis Health Express project launched in Xinjiang schools
2010 School of Love Programme in Vietnam
2011 Official launch of Xinjiang Esquel-Y.L. Yang Education Foundation
2012 Green Club and Teachers' Training in Gaoming
2012 Vision screening in Xinjiang
2012 Gaoming Esquel-CLP Green Studio
2013 Esquel-RacingThePlanet scholarship program in Xinjiang
2014 Hotchkiss-Gaoming Teachers to Teachers Training Programme
2014 Official launch of Guangxi Esquel-Y.L. Yang Education Foundation
2014 Vision Screening Programme in Guangxi
2014 Guilin Hongzhi Students Programme
2015 Guilin Summer Camp


I am very grateful to the Esquel Y L Yang Foundation for helping me over the years. The Foundation has not only provided me subsidies but also boosted my spirit. I will try to live up to the Foundation’s expectations by working hard at school. And I will continue to better myself and become a productive member of my community. I hope one day I will be able to spread to other people the love the Foundation has so generously given me.”

Tang Zhi, former student at the Urumqi 81 High School now studying at the China University of Petroleum